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Flash Unit Omni Two Way Color Omni Accessory Adapters
Achiever Back to Top
Achiever 260AFOM-CTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Achiever 260TOM-CTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Achiever 630OM-EZTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Achiever 828OM-CTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Achiever 828TWOM-CTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Achiever DZ260OM-BTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Achiever TZ250OM-CTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Aperlite Back to Top
Aperlite YH-500-N/COM-900Gold
Bolt Back to Top
Bolt V-510OM-EWGreen & Gold
Bower Back to Top
Bower 680OM-300
Bower 829TWOM-MZ2
Bower 958OM-EZTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Bower SFD328OM-MZ3TW-UNIGreen & Gold
Bower SFD35C/NOM-CTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Bower SFD52NOM-BTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Bower SFD680C/NOM-EYTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Bower SFD728NOM-BTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Cactus Back to Top
Cactus RF60OM-900TW-UNIGold
Canon Back to Top
Canon 199-AOM-199TW-199OM-199A/TW-199A
Canon 270EXOM-EV
Canon 270EXIIOM-EV
Canon 299OM-EZTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Canon 300TLOM-300TW-UNI
Canon 320EXOM-EUTW-UNIGold
Canon 380EXOM-CTW-BGreen & Gold
Canon 420EXOM-EXTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Canon 420EZOM-BTW-BGreen & Gold
Canon 430EXOM-EWTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Canon 430EXIIOM-EWTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Canon 430EXIIIOM-EWTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Canon 430EZOM-BTW-BGreen & Gold
Canon 540EZOM-EZTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Canon 550EXOM-EZTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Canon 580EXOM-EYTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Canon 580EXIIOM-EYTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Canon 600EX II-RTOM-ES
Canon 600EX-RTOM-ETGold
Canon MT-24EXOM-24X
Canon EOS Back to Top
Canon EOS D30, D60, 20D, 30D, 40DOM-F1
Canon Rebel Back to Top
Canon Rebel XT, 300D, XTi, 400DOM-F1
Cobra Back to Top
Cobra 480AFOM-MZ3TW-UNIGreen & Gold
Cobra Auto 280OM-MZ3TW-UNIGreen & Gold
Contax Back to Top
Contax TLA280OM-CTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Contax TLA360OM-CTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Digi-Slave Back to Top
Digi-Slave DFS-1OM-EXTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Digi-Slave Dlx 2000OM-CGreen & Gold
Digi-Slave Dlx 3000OM-EZGreen & Gold
Digi-Slave PROOM-BTW-285Green & Gold
Flashpoint Back to Top
Flashpoint eVOLV 200OM-ES
Flashpoint LioN R2OM-EYGreen & Gold
Flashpoint Zoom LioNOM-EYGreen & Gold
Focal Back to Top
Focal M500TOM-CTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Fuji Back to Top
Fuji EF-20OM-RQ
Fuji EF-42OM-600TW-UNIGreen & Gold
Godox Back to Top
Godox AD200OM-ES
Godox AD200OM-ES
Godox TT685OM-EYGreen & Gold
Godox V860IIOM-EY
Hahnel Back to Top
Hahnel Modus 600RTOM-ETGold
Hasselblad Back to Top
Hasselblad ProOM-CT45Green & GoldOmni-SnootOM-SB16A
Insignia Back to Top
Insignia NS-DXFL CNOM-CGreen & Gold
Insignia NS-DXFL2OM-C
Insignia NS-DXFL2 CNOM-CGreen & Gold
Kalimar Back to Top
Kalimar T-36OM-ES
Kodak Back to Top
Kodak Gear AFOM-MZ3TW-UNIGreen & Gold
Kodak P-20OM-EXTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Leica Back to Top
Leica SF40OM-400
Leica SF58OM-MZ80Gold
Leica SF64
LumoPro Back to Top
LumoPro LP160OM-EZTW-UNIGreen & Gold
LumoPro LP180OM-HV58Gold
Mcoplus Back to Top
Mcoplus MCO430C/NOM-EWGreen & Gold
Metz Back to Top
Metz 202, 402OM-MZ50TW-UNI
Metz 32 MZ-3OM-MZ2
Metz 32 Z-1OM-MZ2
Metz 32 Z-2OM-MZ2
Metz 36AFOM-MZ3TW-UNIGreen & Gold
Metz 36AF5OM-MZ3TW-BGreen & Gold
Metz 36C-2OM-MZ3TW-UNIGreen & Gold
Metz 40 MZ1iOM-MZ40
Metz 40 MZ2OM-CGreen & Gold
Metz 40 MZ3iOM-MZ40
Metz 44AF1OM-MZ80TW-UNIGold
Metz 44-AF2OM-MZ80Gold
Metz 48 AF-1 C/NOM-MZ80TW-UNIGold
Metz 50 MZ5 SeriesOM-MZ50
Metz 50AF1OM-MZ80TW-UNIGold
Metz 52AF1OM-MZ80TW-UNIGold
Metz 54 MZ3OM-CTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Metz 54 MZ4OM-CTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Metz 58 AF1OM-MZ80TW-UNIGold
Metz 58AF2OM-MZ80Gold
Metz 64 AF-1OM-HV58TW-UNIGold
Metz 70 MZ4OM-MZ70
Metz 70 MZ5OM-MZ70
Metz 76 MZ5OM-MZ70
Metz CT/CL45 SeriesOM-CT45TW-UNIGreen & GoldOmni-SnootOM-CT45A
Metz CT60 SeriesOM-CT60Green & Gold
Metz M400OM-600Green & Gold
Metz MZ44-2OM-MZ2
Minolta Back to Top
Minolta 2500DOM-4XTW-UNI
Minolta 2800AFOM-UNITW-UNI
Minolta 3500xiOM-MZ3TW-UNIGreen & Gold
Minolta 3600HSOM-PZ8TW-UNI
Minolta 4000AFOM-4000TW-UNIGreen & GoldOmni-SnootOM-4000A/TW-UNIA
Minolta 5200iOM-CTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Minolta 5400HSOM-CTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Minolta 5400xiOM-CTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Minolta 5600hsOM-MZ6TW-UNI
Neweer Back to Top
Neweer TT520OM-CTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Neweer TT560OM-EYTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Neweer TT660OM-EZTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Neweer TT680OM-EZTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Neweer TT850OM-EZTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Neweer VK750OM-900Gold
Nikon Back to Top
Nikon D40, D40x, D50, D70, D70s, D80, D100, D200OM-F1
Nikon R1OM-SBR200SET
Nikon R1C1OM-SBR200SET
Nikon SB-24OM-CTW-BGreen & Gold
Nikon SB-25OM-CTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Nikon SB-26OM-CTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Nikon SB-28OM-MZ3TW-UNIGreen & Gold
Nikon SB-28DXOM-MZ3TW-UNIGreen & Gold
Nikon SB-400OM-400
Nikon SB-500OM-4XTW-UNI
Nikon SB5000OM-HV58TW-UNIGold
Nikon SB-50DXOM-SB5TW-UNIGreen & Gold
Nikon SB-600OM-600TW-UNIGreen & Gold
Nikon SB-700OM-700TW-UNIGold
Nikon SB-800OM-SB5TW-UNIGreen & Gold
Nikon SB-80DXOM-SB5TW-UNIGreen & Gold
Nikon SB-900OM-900TW-UNIGold
Nikon SB-910OM-900TW-UNIGold
Nissin Back to Top
Nissin 360TWOM-CTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Nissin 360TXPOM-CTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Nissin Di466OM-600TW-UNIGreen & Gold
Nissin Di481OM-MZ3TW-UNIGreen & Gold
Nissin Di600OM-HV58TW-UNIGold
Nissin Di622OM-CTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Nissin Di700OM-EZTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Nissin Di866OM-HV58TW-UNIGold
Nissin i40OM-400
Nissin i400OM-400
Nissin i60OM-EWGreen & Gold
Nissin PZ400-C-N-MOM-CTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Olympus Back to Top
Olympus E400, E410, E500OM-F1
Olympus FL36OM-600TW-UNIGreen & Gold
Olympus FL40OM-CTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Olympus FL50OM-CTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Olympus FL-600ROM-4XTW-UNI
Olympus G40OM-CTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Olympus T32OM-T32
Opteka Back to Top
Opteka IF980C-E TTLOM-EYGreen & Gold
Orlit Back to Top
Orlit RT600COM-HV58
Panasonic Back to Top
Panasonic DMW-FL360OM-600Green & Gold
Panasonic DMW-FL360EOM-600TW-UNIGreen & Gold
Panasonic DMW-FL360LOM-4X
Panasonic DMW-FL500EOM-CTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Panasonic FL580LOM-HV58Gold
Panasonic FL580L
Panasonic PE36-SOM-BGreen & Gold
Pentax Back to Top
Pentax *istDS, K10D,K100D, K100DsOM-F1
Pentax 330FTZOM-MZ3Green & Gold
Pentax 540FGZIIOM-CTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Pentax AF200TOM-UNI
Pentax AF280TOM-EXGreen & Gold
Pentax AF360-FGZIIOM-600Green & Gold
Pentax AF500FTZOM-CTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Pentax AF540FGZOM-MZ40
Phoenix Back to Top
Phoenix 80DZAOM-MZ3TW-UNIGreen & Gold
Phoenix 82ZBDA TwinOM-MZ3TW-UNIGreen & Gold
Phoenix APZL-106AFOM-CTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Phoenix D79-BZSOM-MZ3TW-UNIGreen & Gold
Phoenix DZBIS 112C11OM-300TW-UNI
Phoenix DZBIS 112TTLOM-300TW-UNI
Phoenix ZBIF-92NOM-MZ3TW-UNIGreen & Gold
Phoenix ZBIS-106AFOM-300TW-UNI
Photoflex Back to Top
Photoflex Starfire DigitalOM-600Green & Gold
Phottix Mitros Back to Top
Phottix Mitros TTL FlashOM-900TW-UNIGold
Platinum Back to Top
Platinum I-TTLOM-ES
Polaroid Back to Top
Polaroid PL108AFOM-UNI
Polaroid PL126PZOM-CTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Polaroid PL144AZOM-MZ3TW-UNIGreen & Gold
Precision Design Back to Top
Precision Design DSLR300OM-CTW-UNIGreen & Gold
ProMaster Back to Top
ProMaster 5750DXOM-EZTW-UNIGreen & Gold
ProMaster 5900OM-EZGreen & Gold
ProMaster 7500DXOM-EZTW-UNIGreen & Gold
ProMaster 7500EDFOM-EZTW-UNIGreen & Gold
ProMaster FT-1700OM-EXTW-UNIGreen & Gold
ProMaster FTD5200OM-MZ3TW-UNIGreen & Gold
ProMaster FTD5400OM-MZ2
ProMaster FTD5500OM-PZ8TW-UNI
ProMaster FTD5600OM-EZTW-UNIGreen & Gold
ProMaster FTD5700OM-EZGreen & Gold
ProMaster FTD5750OM-EZTW-UNIGreen & Gold
ProMaster FTD5950OM-EZTW-UNIGreen & Gold
ProMaster FTD6500MOM-EZGreen & Gold
ProMaster FTD7000MOM-EZTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Quantaray Back to Top
Quantaray 383 Super SeriesOM-422TW-422Green & GoldOmni-SnootOM-422A/TW-422A
Quantaray PZ40OM-4X
Quantaray QAF6600 SeriesOM-MZ3TW-UNIGreen & Gold
Quantaray QB6550UOM-MZ3TW-UNIGreen & Gold
Quantaray QF30OM-4X
Quantaray QTB7500AOM-EZGreen & Gold
Quantaray QTB9500AOM-EZTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Quantaray XLF-50OM-RQ
Sakar Back to Top
Sakar 77TFZOM-EZTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Samsung Back to Top
Shanny Back to Top
Shanny SN600S-N/COM-ETGold
Sigma Back to Top
Sigma 420OM-MZ3TW-UNIGreen & Gold
Sigma 430OM-MZ3TW-UNIGreen & Gold
Sigma 500 SeriesOM-CTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Sigma 530 SeriesOM-CTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Sigma 600 SeriesOM-EYTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Soligor Back to Top
Soligor MZ340AFOM-MZ3Green & Gold
Soligor PZ400AFCOM-300TW-UNI
Sony Back to Top
Sony HVL-F1000OM-SB5Green & Gold
Sony HVL-F32XOM-CTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Sony HVL-F43AMOM-EWTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Sony HVL-F43MOM-EWGreen & Gold
Sony HVL-F45RMOM-CGreen & Gold
Sony HVL-F60MOM-EZGreen & Gold
Sony HVL-FH1100OM-SB5Green & Gold
Starblitz Back to Top
Starblitz 3800DFHOM-EZTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Strobie Back to Top
Strobie TliOM-EYTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Sunpak Back to Top
Sunpak 2000DZOM-CGreen & Gold
Sunpak 266DOM-CGreen & Gold
Sunpak 30DXOM-422TW-422Green & GoldOmni-SnootOM-422A/TW-422A
Sunpak 355AFOM-MZ3TW-UNIGreen & Gold
Sunpak 3600AFOM-422TW-422Green & GoldOmni-SnootOM-422A/TW-422A
Sunpak 3600DOM-422TW-422Green & GoldOmni-SnootOM-422A/TW-422A
Sunpak 3600DXOM-422TW-422Green & GoldOmni-SnootOM-422A/TW-422A
Sunpak 383OM-422TW-422Green & GoldOmni-SnootOM-422A/TW-422A
Sunpak 411TW-411
Sunpak 422OM-422TW-422Green & GoldOmni-SnootOM-422A/TW-422A
Sunpak 433OM-422TW-422Green & GoldOmni-SnootOM-422A/TW-422A
Sunpak 444OM-422TW-422Green & GoldOmni-SnootOM-422A/TW-422A
Sunpak 4500DXOM-522
Sunpak 455OM-522
Sunpak 522OM-522
Sunpak 544OM-522
Sunpak 555OM-522
Sunpak DF3600UOM-EZGreen & Gold
Sunpak DigiFlash 3000OM-MZ3Green & Gold
Sunpak MZ440AFOM-CTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Sunpak PX-40XIIOM-4X
Sunpak PZ-2800OM-4XTW-UNI
Sunpak PZ-4000AFOM-PZ4TW-UNIGreen & Gold
Sunpak PZ-40XOM-4XTW-UNI
Sunpak PZ-42XOM-600TW-UNIGreen & Gold
Sunpak PZ-5000AFOM-EZTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Sunpak PZ-58XOM-HV58TW-UNIGold
Sunpak RD2000OM-RQ
Ving Back to Top
Ving 860OM-EYGreen & Gold
Vivitar Back to Top
Vivitar 2500OM-CGreen & Gold
Vivitar 273OM-CTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Vivitar 2800OM-UNITW-UNI
Vivitar 283OM-BTW-BGreen & GoldSS-283TW-BA
Vivitar 285OM-BTW-285Green & GoldSS-285/SnootTW-285A
Vivitar 285HVOM-BTW-285Green & Gold
Vivitar 3500OM-CGreen & Gold
Vivitar 3700OM-BTW-BGreen & Gold
Vivitar 383OM-MZ3TW-UNIGreen & Gold
Vivitar 4600 StdOM-BTW-BGreen & Gold
Vivitar 5200OM-EZGreen & Gold
Vivitar 550FDOM-EXTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Vivitar 5600 StdOM-BTW-BGreen & Gold
Vivitar 5600 ZoomOM-BGreen & Gold
Vivitar 600NOM-EZGreen & Gold
Vivitar 728AFOM-MZ3TW-UNIGreen & Gold
Vivitar 730AFOM-300TW-UNI
Vivitar 836OM-MZ3TW-UNIGreen & Gold
Vivitar 840AFOM-MZ3TW-UNIGreen & Gold
Vivitar 850AFOM-CTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Vivitar DF 483 CanOM-700TW-UNIGold
Vivitar DF200OM-CTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Vivitar DF340ZOM-300TW-UNI
Vivitar DF383OM-MZ3TW-UNIGreen & Gold
Vivitar DF400MZOM-MZ3TW-UNIGreen & Gold
Vivitar S1 385HVOM-CGreen & Gold
Yongnuo Back to Top
Yongnuo YN500EXOM-EWGreen & Gold
Yongnuo YN560 SeriesOM-EYTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Yongnuo YN562 SeriesOM-EYTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Yongnuo YN565 SeriesOM-EYTW-UNIGreen & Gold
Yongnuo YN568 SeriesOM-HV58TW-UNIGold
Yongnuo YN-585EXOM-EYGreen & Gold
Yongnuo YN600EXRTOM-ETGold
Yongnuo YN968OM-ES

* - Includes Adapter
** - Adapter NOT Included